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The combination of the comfortable grip (ball bearing) and the sturdy plastic ball creates the strength and support for the coordination exercise.

The ball can be inflated according to the intensity level of the training.

Total width approx. 53 cm

Handles approx. 13 cm

Weight: 1.75 kg.

Maximum weight supported: approx. 120 kg.


Very soft vinyl flying disc.
  • The outer edge is full of plastic balls.
  • There are numerous games that can be played, in addition to controlling the disc.
  • The numbers 1 to 6, appear in different languages: English, Spanish, French.
  • Diameter 22 cm.
  • Weight 80 gr.


  • Throw the dart holding it by the end of the wings.
  • Its totally dull metal tips will make it fly to reach the targets landing safely.
  • Score the points and get more if you hit the target.
  • Game for 3 players containing 6 darts, 2 of each color, a throwing ring and two targets